Workforce Reduction Plans

The Benefits of Outplacement and Workforce Reduction Plans

There is a better way to smooth the process of separating employees – through Outplacement and a workforce reduction plans.

Overall benefits to consider.
Outplacement is a forward facing support process for terminations. As part of your overall talent strategy, Outplacement provides structure and a defined support process to the termination plan recognizing your organization as an “employer of choice” in how you manage recruitment and terminations to align people with your business needs.

By implementing Outplacement as part of your workforce reduction plans, you can:

  • Decrease the likelihood of negative actions, such as litigation
  • Provide a structured and personalized approach to the separation process, leading to shorter job searches for affected employees
  • Assist employees in finding new employment opportunities, improving their chances of a successful transition
  • Reduce the amount of HR resources required for planning, executing, and following up on terminations
  • Alleviate the stress of managers involved in the separation process
  • Uphold your company’s reputation by fulfilling social responsibility and moral obligation to your employees
  • Boost productivity by maintaining positive relationships with remaining staff and separated employees who may return as consultants, contractors, or customers
  • Strengthen your company’s brand and image for consumers and investors, positively impacting future employee retention and hiring efforts
  • Maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees, including top performers
Justifying the Expense of Outplacement in your Workforce Reduction Plans
  • Nurtures goodwill for remaining employees to maintain productivity and morale. Outplacement helps reduce the possibility of retaliation litigation. Even if a law suit is completely unfounded, it could cost a company $100,000-plus to defend itself.
  • Keeps people forward-focused, processing positive thoughts, and occupies their time resulting in less likelihood to sue. Outplacement shortens the length of a job search reducing Unemployment Compensation liability, and reduces the possibility of workplace violence.
  • Used to its fullest potential, Outplacement reduces HR time investment in the planning stage, the actual termination process, and potentially messy follow-up.
How does Outplacement Work?
  • Works most effectively when: The employer contacts the Outplacement consultant in the termination planning stage, and Outplacement begins immediately at the time of termination. The Outplacement consultant is onsite and meets the separated employee right after the termination meeting. The employee can be taken immediately to the Outplacement office.
  • Communication and support. Not only will the candidate have a safer drive home, they will already know what to tell their significant other when they get home. They also know what they are going to be doing the next day and will have assignments to keep them busy until then. The candidate will have already somewhat “bonded” with the Outplacement consultant and will be more likely to use our services.
  • The employer will receive a communication and an invoice from the Outplacement consultant when the person officially begins the program. The sponsoring employer can request regular updates, generally limited to candidate status. And, when the candidate is placed with a new company, the employer will be notified.

If you are undergoing a reduction in force, please contact us today. We can help.