16 Reasons to Use a Talent Acquisition Firms

Here are 16 reasons to use a talent acquisition firms and the services they provide.

Your time and money are valuable, and it takes the right outlets and resources to find the exact job candidate match for your company or organization. This is where an experienced recruiting firm can help target the employee you need, and optimize and accelerate the hiring process.

1. Confidential Search

2. Confidential Replacement

3. Targeted skill

4. Target industry focus

5. Focus on competitors who employ comparable talent

6. Geographical concentration

7. Connected with decision makers

8. Access to real, live open jobs

9. Access to hidden jobs (not published or broadcasted)

10. Extensive candidate pools and networks already built

11. Cost benefit; at times cheaper to engage recruiting services compared to Internal HR recruiting for job openings

12. Quickly sort through those not qualified and those who are qualified

13. Competency screening and evaluations

14. Artful in closing job offers and negotiating salaries

15. Market knowledge of where talent may be; or not be

16. Compensation and market rates knowledge

Talent Acquisition firms can be part of your hiring and succession planning strategies. As a public facing, forward looking industry, they can help you outpace your competition.

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