Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

By employing the latest technologies and proven methodologies, our Sourcing Team is designed to support the Recruiting and talent acquisition professional in an effort to reduce turnaround time and ensure the quality of talent pipelines.

Candidate Sourcing involves a systematic approach that extracts data beyond just job boards and social media profiles. Since 35 percent of potential candidates have NO online exposure, our candidate sourcing methods work to expose 100 percent of available talent using innovative technologies and techniques.

Career Transitions Candidate Sourcing Best Practices Involve:

  • Investigative call with the Recruiting professional regarding the project, skill requirements, compensation / geography constraints, and candidate targets discussed with the customer.
  • Researching, identifying and assessing target organizations with viable talent matches.
  • Seeking skill, competencies and cultural fit based on need assessment.
  • Delivering targeted talent to Recruiting professionals for review and coordinate further assessments if needed.
  • Communicating project status, updates and talent acquisition intentions.