Career Outplacement Services

Downsizing is difficult for everyone involved but doesn’t have to be unmanageable. With the right approach, you can ensure the best decisions for your business, successfully manage change, and preserve morale.

Our Outplacement Services provide necessary career counseling, assessments, training, personalized coaching, and referrals to help terminated employees steer towards a successful professional future.

Furthermore, our high tech-high touch approach with our custom CareerSmart portal combines comprehensive tools, extensive resources, and real-time virtual workshops to support a personalized transition process regardless of physical location.

See CareerSmart in action:

Video link: Outplacement Services Overview

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Services offered:

  • Provide a structured and personal approach to the separation event, reducing job-search duration
  • Help employees get back to work, successfully
  • Reduce HR time investment in planning, actual separation, and post-separation follow-up
  • Reduce the stress of managers involved in the separation event
  • Preserve your company’s reputation by fulfilling social responsibility and moral obligation
  • Increase productivity of retained staff and those returning as consultants, contractors or customers
  • Strengthen your company’s brand, improving employee retention and future hiring
  • Maintain morale and productivity of remaining employees

Transition Support

Bridging employment gaps for exiting staff protects brand identity and reduces both hard and soft organizational costs. Outplacement continues to promote best practices supporting organizational effectiveness. Smooth transitions with support services like these:

  • High-Tech / High-Touch Interaction
  • Career & Accountability Coaching
  • Resume & Profile Development
  • Assessments
  • Market Strategies & Social Media Footprint
  • Negotiations
  • Sponsor & Participant Reporting

Sponsorship Program

Company sponsors select programs to assist exiting employees involved in downsizing, mergers, acquisition, relocation or termination. Decisions regarding sponsorship levels should consider best practices that align with budget and anticipated support needs.

Sponsorship Levels Offered:

Seminar Program – 30 Days

Launch Program – 60 Days

Reach Program – 90 Days

Works Program – 180 Days

*Custom Programs – Available Upon Request