Case Study: Manufacturing & Fabrication

Value Proposition: A Score for Client and Candidate

Addressing the core components of the offer… we developed a value proposition that made sense for both parties.

  • Position: Director of Wafer Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Client: Technology company focused on optical communications through design and development of modules, semiconductors, and electronic circuits.
  • Issue: Open position for 5 months. The company was faced with growing their overall Operations Team, specifically in their industry sector and the Texas market, as the company prepared for a public offering and stock launch.
  • Assessment: Career Transitions was tasked to identify a wafer fabrication professional who directly managed production personnel and facilities in this specialized industry.
  • Solution: : Our research team quickly identified prospective candidates with backgrounds relative to the semiconductor industry, and with a specific focus on wafer fabrication. As our national search unfolded, we identified a candidate – not geographically far from our client – who supported the manufacture of machinery used to produce the wafers. This individual was considering an internal company move to California when our discussions began.Our team presented the candidate, along with others, for consideration. Our client concluded he was an excellent fit for the Director of Manufacturing role, overseeing three departments in two locations.

    The next challenge we overcame was a substantial yearend bonus the candidate earned. To produce a successful hire for our client, we focused on addressing the core components of the offer, worked closely with our contact at the company on long-term growth potential offered, directly addressed the bonus issue, and developed a value proposition that made sense for both parties.

    As a result, we communicated the value proposition, and our candidate accepted the offer and started two weeks later successfully closing the search in 35 days.

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