Case Study: Chemistry & Science

Career Transitions Secures Formulation Chemists for $1 Billion+ Manufacturer

Using proprietary sourcing technology, Career Transitions identifies candidates within a 200-mile radius for remotely located company.

Case Study: Chemistry & Science

  • Position: Multiple Formulation Chemists
  • Client: A $1 Billion+ manufacturing and packaging company of cosmetic and personal care products.
  • Issue: To meet demands of recently acquired customers, many skilled formulation chemists were needed. Located in a remote area, the organization struggled to recruit and relocate candidates.
  • Solution: Career Transitions used our sourcing technology to identify anyone in a 200-mile radius that had cosmetics experience in their background. We also sourced via all other cosmetics companies in a 200-mile radius to start speaking to passive candidates.

    Through this process we were able to make people aware of an organization that had a great reputation, benefits and opportunities.

    As a result, we had a great pool of candidates to present to the client – who ultimately chose a chemist with 10+ years of cosmetic formulation experience.

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