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CareerSmart delivers Career Transitions Outplacement programs through a virtual workspace that combines career coaching with cloud technology so transitioning employees can connect to new opportunities quickly and efficiently. The result is a smart mix of people and technology to project-manage rapid employment strategies that benefit the displaced employee and the sponsoring organization. Each program is personalized to the departing employee based on need, and is delivered through a virtual workspace that results in successful landings.

The CareerSmart employer

  • Connects the displaced employee to a new opportunity, faster, with a global job search database, career research tools, online networking, resume building systems, and communication tools – all in the CLOUD
  • Has access to real-time reporting and metrics on participant engagement, placement rates, and placement quality
  • Experiences ROI

The CareerSmart employee

  • Uses single source career research tools, personalized job search capabilities, resume building/tracking, communication, networking, and planning systems all integrated into their own personal workspace
  • Has 24/7 web access to their confidential and secure data
  • Has immediate access to their assigned Career Coach
  • Utilizes a user-friendly, web-based search tool that allows them to organize and execute job-search campaigns
  • Can take assessments on temperament, interests, values, and strengths, and how they connect to job and career options
  • Has access to research databases to identify organizations that may be hiring, understand industry trends, prepare for interviews and position themselves for success
  • Can access content on networking, interviewing, negotiating and relocating to supplement the information provided by assigned coaches
  • Experiences fully integrated social collaboration