Whether you require permanent, contract, or outplacement services, we offer a variety of employer services to help your business.

Talent Acquisition

Our talented and professional recruiting staff has the breadth and depth to handle challenging search assignments in virtually all disciplines. We strive to identify the best and most- sought-after candidates in their respective fields. As a regionally focused search firm with a national reach, Career Transitions is engaged in recruiting and retaining leading executives, managers, and professionals for our client companies. Each step of our targeted confidential search is managed by an experienced search consultant in partnership with you. Our services incorporate contingency recruitment, executive and retained searches, and exclusive search partnerships.

Career Transitions handles everything for you, including:

  • Identification and evaluation of the employment need
  • The use of social media matching and recruitment technology tools
  • Market research to identify available talent
  • Prospect screening, interviewing, qualifications
  • Candidate presentations
  • Interview coordination
  • Candidate reference and background checks
  • Compensation negotiations
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Replacement guarantee

Contract Staffing

Our Professional Contract Staffing focuses on contract and contract- to-hire, specializing in the areas of information technology, manufacturing, engineering, accounting, marketing and financial services. Our expertise and best-in-practice search process strategies allow us to staff large and small projects within various industries, both locally and on a national level. We source and assess prospects that match the client’s position requirements based on skills, competencies, and internal match, and we conduct a full-service skill review using interview assessment tools.

Contract staffing is an attractive alternative to traditional hiring that offers many advantages, including financial savings from:

  • The elimination of payroll and payroll tax issues
  • The reduction of benefits administration, unemployment and workers’ compensation exposure
  • Maintaining budget controls
  • Decreased employer liability


Career Transitions offers a smarter approach to outplacement that helps the recently separated employee step onto their new path with a confident outlook, navigating them toward a successful future, while helping you ensure a smooth transition and minimize the chance of litigation and other negative actions. Every employee is partnered with a dedicated career expert and virtual tools to help them land that next opportunity, quickly and successfully. Outplacement is a strategically gracious way of removing a separated employee (or group of employees) and ensuring they manage their new-found freedom in a positive manner. It provides structure and process to the separation event, which reduces unemployment insurance liability by reducing job search duration. When used to its fullest potential, outplacement reduces HR time investment in the planning stage, the actual termination process, and potentially messy follow-up. Explore the outplacement benefits for both parties.