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Career Transitions Meeting Growing Need for Outplacement Services

More companies adding Outplacement to their overall talent strategy MISHAWAKA, Ind.- Career Transitions, LLC, is seeing and meeting a growing need for Outplacement services, despite the upward swing of the economy, as companies realize the benefits of a well-designed Outplacement program. One of the biggest selling points of Career Transitions’ CareerSmart Outplacement program is that companies can… Read more »

Stop Losing Your Best People

As the economy continues to pick up, your top performers may end up getting offers from other companies.  In past downturns and recoveries, many talented people jumped ship, especially when they perceived there was more opportunity elsewhere. So what can you do to retain your best people? The key is to identify your top performers,… Read more »

Workforce Reduction. Do you have a plan?

There is a better way to smooth the process of separating employees – through Outplacement. As part of your overall talent strategy, Outplacement provides structure and a defined support process to the termination plan recognizing your organization as an “employer of choice” in how you manage recruitment and terminations to align people with your business needs. Everyone involved… Read more »

16 Reasons to Use a Recruiting Firm

Your time and money are valuable, and it takes the right outlets and resources to find the exact job candidate match for your company or organization. This is where an experienced recruiting firm can help target the employee you need, and optimize and accelerate the hiring process. Here are 16 reasons to consider leveraging the… Read more »

10 Shocking Statistics about Employee Engagement

Here are 10 shocking statistics about employee engagement…