Career Transitions Meeting Growing Need for Outplacement Services

More companies adding Outplacement to their overall talent strategy

MISHAWAKA, Ind.- Career Transitions, LLC, is seeing and meeting a growing need for Outplacement services, despite the upward swing of the economy, as companies realize the benefits of a well-designed Outplacement program.

One of the biggest selling points of Career Transitions’ CareerSmart Outplacement program is that companies can minimize the chance for litigation after a termination event occurs, according to Brian Hulecki, Career Transitions Director.

“The number of United States companies using Outplacement has increased 50 percent in the last two years, and 81 percent of employers are using some help from external Outplacement providers like Career Transitions,” Hulecki said.

As part of a company’s overall talent strategy, CareerSmart Outplacement provides structure and a defined support process to a termination plan. Companies reduce the chance of litigation and other negative actions occurring, and can help the displaced employee find new employment, faster, through the CareerSmart Outplacement approach.

For the transitioning employee, 50 percent of those offered a structured Outplacement process secured new employment within six months. Career Transitions findings indicate employees provided with CareerSmart Outplacement secured new employment in 76 days on average.

“More than 50 percent of job seekers find new positions through networking, which is taught through our CareerSmart Outplacement program that helps them focus on the future and find a new job quickly,” Hulecki said.

CareerSmart Outplacement combines career coaching with cloud technology so transitioning employees can connect to new opportunities faster and more efficiently. The program has a 99 percent company sponsor satisfaction rate and a 95 percent candidate in transition satisfaction rate.

CareerSmart Outplacement can:

  • Minimize the chance of litigation and other negative actions
  • Provide a structured and personal approach to the separation event, reducing job search duration
  • Help employees get back to work, successfully
  • Reduce HR time investment in planning, actual separation, and post-separation follow-up
  • Reduce the stress of managers involved in the separation event
  • Preserve your company’s reputation by fulfilling social responsibility and moral obligation
  • Improve productivity from maintaining the good will of remaining staff and the separated employees who may return as a consultant, contractor, or customer
  • Strengthen your company’s brand and positive perception for consumers and investors, impacting employee retention and future hiring
  • Maintain the morale and productivity of remaining employees including top performers

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About Career Transitions

Founded in 1987, Career Transitions is committed to helping organizations hire, retain, and transition employees, allowing companies to focus on core business objectives. Career Transitions services provide advanced strategies that evaluate each company’s unique culture, passion, and skill requirements. Whether you are experiencing explosive growth or constricted market conditions, Career Transitions’ suite of services are designed to meet your customized needs. Through Talent Acquisition, Professional Contract Staffing, and CareerSmart Outplacement, Career Transitions has the experience to become an extension of your human resources team.